JSJ Origins

Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) is a healing art with a history of over 5,000 years and was passed down from generation to generation. For thousands of years, ancient peoples used this awareness to heal both themselves and others.


Jiro and Mary

Overtime, JSJ fell into obscurity until the early part of the twentieth century when a Japanese scientist named Jiro Murai rediscovered Jin Shin Jyutsu in response to his own physical challenges. After clearing himself of a life-threatening illness, he devoted the remainder of his life to studying this ancient Art.  One of his students, Mary Burmeister, brought the Art from Japan to America in 1954 and through her teachings, books, and thousands of classes held around the world this awareness grew to what it is today. Mary Burmeister leaves a legacy of twenty-five professionally trained international teachers to continue teaching this Healing Art throughout the world. Jin Shi Jyutsu is currently being taught in Germany, Austria, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Mexico, Belgium, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, England, Spain, Venezuela, Denmark, France, Singapore, Italy, Canada, Latvia, Ireland, South Africa and the United States.