Some amazing examples of the benefits of JSJ:

After giving an “opposite fingers and toes” treatment to an eighty year old patient
 in a hospital, the patient commented that she felt much calmer and was breathing
 more fully.

A fourteen year old teenage patient was having difficulty sleeping, so she asked for a
 treatment in her home right before going to bed. I gave her a treatment for insomnia
 and she slept very well that night. I also followed up with self-help instruction that she uses if she has difficulty falling asleep.

A twenty-two year old patient called me long distance to find out what he could
 do for a sore throat. He was too far away for a treatment, so I told him a “self-help 
quickie”. He utilized this and turned his illness around.

I treated a fifty-four year old make with shingles. They became less inflamed as the 
day went on. I followed with another treatment two days later and the shingles were 
almost gone. He reported that it was completely gone the next day.

A fifty-one year old man has chronic back pain. He comes for regular treatments when
 he experiences discomfort and finds relief after the session. After a few sessions, his
 pain symptoms disappeared.

A thirty-five year old patient has celiac disease and suffers from abdominal
 discomfort. She received one treatment and felt better. She supports her treatment
 with self-help techniques that she finds very helpful when she has eaten something
 that causes digestive pain.


* Special note: People respond to Jin Shin Jyutsu in their own individual way. What works for one person may not work for another in the same way or in the same degree.