To aid my recovery time, you showed me various techniques that I could apply to myself. I feel these “lifelong-techniques” will enable me to administer aide for most of my symptoms, before they become serious issues. Thank you for the empowerment, and looking forward to our next session and the benefits they will provide! -Ly.D.

Julianne helped me with some neck and back pain I’d been having. It was the first time I’d ever tried this kind of therapy and not only found it helped me physically, but put me into a state of relaxation I’d describe as almost other-worldly. It was a revelation to see how such gentle, subtle treatment could tap into such powerful energy within the body. I highly recommend Julianne to anyone who asks – she knows what she’s doing!” -M.C.

After suffering from increasing sciatic pain in my leg for 6 months and a chronic clenching in my jaw, I decided to try acupressure to relieve them. Julianne’s work did wonders! The pain was relieved and Julianne taught me the pressure points that were associated with those problems so that I could continue the work on my own if/when they returned. I have always been interested in acupressure but also a little skeptical. I will no longer hesitate to try it in the future should something else emerge. -J.T.

After one session with Julianne the “I-think-I-am- getting-a-cold” feeling disappeared and the next morning I was ready to get back to work. My flu was gone. -P.R.

JSJ sessions with Julianne leave me happy, balanced, and calm. She tunes into exactly what my body and mind need. Her hands, her presence, her intuition are pure gifts. -V.M.

Julianne’s Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments are peaceful to the mind and soothing to the body. She brings a sincere, keen and intuitive listening to where one is physically and mentally. The gentle touch of the safety lock acupressure technique is both comfortable and pleasing and has allowed me to remain relaxed, at ease and centered throughout the session. I have enjoyed receiving this healing modality and it’s benefits while receiving other conventional and holistic healing methods. – A.C.

Thank you Julianne! After one treatment, I am already feeling the benefits from mysession with you. I am a 47 year old  female, with multiple symptoms: not sleeping well; the bottoms of myfeet are extremely sensitive to touch, which  consequently makes it very uncomfortable twalk sometimes. My chest and legs feel extremely heavy; my shoulders and upper backare very tight too. Additional symptoms – water retention, PMS issues, and inner earissues.After my first treatment, the most noticeable changes were the next morning:

•I was able to sleep through the night with minimal pain, and felt comfortable for the firsttime in months.

•Upon waking/walking the bottoms of my feet weren’t as sensitive.

•My legs felt light for the first time in months.

•I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest, and my air flow is moving fluently.

“I finally feel like I can move my body effortlessly!”  – L.D.

I had the great opportunity to receive Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments from Julianne Dow. The sessions were deep, powerful, relaxing, and insightful. As I laid on thetable and Julianne worked on me I could feel some heaviness and burdens liftup, some tension dissolve and I also gained some understanding and resolve about current circumstances.  After the sessions I felt very relaxed but also full of life and energy. V.L.


* Special note: People respond to Jin Shin Jyutsu in their own individual way. What works for one person may not work for another in the same way or in the same degree.