Julianne worked several times on my cat who was terminally ill with cancer. Even though the treatments did not heal her, I could tell she benefited from them and it helped her transition more peacefully. My cat who normally was afraid of strangers and never let anyone but the people she really knew touch her let Julianne work on her different parts of her body. She also purred while Julianne was treating her. She was clearly relaxed and at ease with Julianne and enjoyed the treatment.

I highly recommend Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments with Julianne Dow. V.L.

It was a wonderful evening at the Ronald McDonald House and such a pleasure to meet you! You have such a lovely
presence filled with warmth and passion in the beautiful work that you do! 
Thank you so much for sharing your time with the RMDH therapy dogs and their owners! -N G-M

“Acupressure Wellness for your Dog”, demonstrated by Jin Shin Jyustu expert Julianne Dow, coached Delta Society Pet Partners at My Dog Loves Central Park Country Fair on September 24th, 2011. Julianne explained how to apply this relaxing and therapeutic technique with hands on acupressure showing how people can empower their dogs. N. G-M.