How to do Self-Help

Simply hold your hand on the general area of the safety energy lock (SEL). Using the tip of your index and middle and ring fingers, approach the specific SEL location. Move your fingers around the area, probing gently until you feel a slight dip that identifies the SEL area. It feels like your hand is being “sucked into” the spot. Sometimes the SEL area feels tender, congested or elevated, and will soften as it is held and harmonized. Press in lightly, holding the point until you feel the tissues underneath your fingertip soften and relax. Remember to deep breathe as you apply your fingertips. Press into the point very slowly, until you sense that further pressure would require force. Do not use any force.

Pay careful attention to what is happening beneath your fingertips, and continue holding for three to five minutes. A rhythmic light pulse or swirling sensation will come up from the SEL areas that you are holding. When the pulse feels the same in both locations that you are holding, keep your fingertips there for an additional minute to harmonize. If you should feel a “humming” sensation between two SEL’s, I recommend that you stay there for a while until you intuitively feel it is enough time. When you are ready to move onto the next safety energy lock, move your fingertips off slowly.

(If working on an animal, be sure to slide your hand over their bodies as you move from one SEL to the other, so that the animal senses where your hands will be going and will let you know if they are comfortable with you touching that area for treatment).

It is always best to meet with me first to receive a coaching session about Self-Help application, whether on you or your animal companion. Call Julianne at 203-561-8125.


JSJ SEL Diagram

JSJ SEL Diagram


Umbilicus Self-Help Flow

JSJ Main Central Self-Help